"I was someone who always had stomach issues. I suffered from IBS before Isagenix. I spent 6 days at the gym each week and was never able to loose those 20 stubborn pounds. I started implementing Isagenix into my lifestyle and everything changed. Now i can eat the foods I want and I was able to loose the stubborn weight to live life as my best self.

-Samantha Rubin, Manager

"Reflecting back on how unhealthy I was at 50, living with multiple auto-immune diseases and realizing if I didn’t change ... nothing was going to change.

I’d been struggling with “I just don’t feel well” since I was 18. Never having the energy to live my best life. What a wake up call to realize I had the power all along. Small incremental shifts in my daily choices had an exponential impact on my quality of life. It really was that simple!"

-Susan Miller, 7 star Platinum


A reminder to everyone that PROGRESS TAKES TIME




My first month I bought this nutrition, I was going through a lot of life changes (new job, new city, relationship issues).


I was barely using any of the products. I realized I was sensitive to the dairy shakes and needed to switch to dairy free. When I ordered new dairy free shakes, I did not like the taste of the dairy free.


I had no balance in my life and a month later decided to stop complaining and JUST DO IT


My first real month of using the products I noticed small shifts in my energy, bloating, inflammation and digestion. I added PB2 to my dairy free shakes and LOVED THEM


I lost 4-5lbs in 30 days which was discouraging because I wanted INSTANT GRATIFICATION.


STILL, I trusted the process, I trusted that this is a lifestyle, it’s flexible, it’s sustainable so why was I still looking for results I’d expect from a quick fix DIET?


During those 3 months, I was indulging on the weekends with pasta and cannolis because I lived in the North End in Boston. AND I was only eating until I was full.

<<PORTION CONTROL I took the rest home (you know how those restaurant portions are like 2-3 meals!!!)


3 MONTHS LATER, I was down 20lbs from just focusing on my nutrition and portion sizes. I STILL enjoyed the foods I wanted. I went from working out 6-7x a week to 1-3x a week.


Your first month, your body is getting adjusted to this INCREDIBLE NUTRITION and you’ll see smaller shifts.


TRUST IN THIS PROCESS and keep going until you reach your goals.


You didn’t invest in your health to just give up 30 days in!!!!


You owe it to yourself to create a body you LOVE and feel CONFIDENT IN! I don’t want you to just feel good about your results, I want you to feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD!


Feel free to share my story and tag me @samantharose_r

chelseas story



kelseys story

Caras story resonates with most moms. She started with Isagenix to loose her baby weight. After she saw weight loss she continued with her new lifestyle change continuing to drink one shake each day. She stayed in this "maintenance mode" all throughout her second pregnancy and resukted in her doctor being very impressed with her levels during her glucose test and overall health during pregnancy. Cara only gained 19 pounds in her second pregnancy and is convinced her daily nutrition had something to do with it. Now Isagenix is a household brand, her husband Micah uses the anti aging vitamins, greens powder and her daughter drinks the kids shakes. Essential oils are also very popular for everyone!


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